Who is behind Northlight Design Co? 

Hi, I am Jess. 

I am a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor of Communication Design from Billy Blue College of Design. I am a dedicated, original and cheerful creative with a passion for design that makes an impact. I believe in simplicity and clarity in everything I do, and aim to bring more beauty and creativity into the world. 

Also, I love tea, chocolate and Disney.  

What is Northlight Design Co all about?

Visual Communication is about telling a story.


The story should be true.
We believe in not using manipulation or assuming the viewer is unintelligent. 


The story should be clear.
We use a less is more approach. 


The story should be uplifting.
We favour light filled designs.


The story should be moving.
We aim to make the viewer feel something when they see the project.


The story should be well-crafted.
Each project is important and deserves our time.