Frequently Asked Questions

Northlight Design Co. does value based pricing, meaning we don’t usually work on hourly rates. Instead, we discuss with the client and come up with a price depending on budget, estimated time and the value that will be brought to the client.

It is better for you as you will know exactly how much the project will be from the beginning and we can work with your budget.

I can do photography, help you out with a website and even do some social media management. Even though branding, logo design and graphic design are my specialties, anything that needs designing, I can do.

Currently Northlight Design Co. does not have an office in order to keep overheads low. If we need to have a meeting, we will come to you or we will meet in a coffee shop. Any excuse to have a tea!

I have a bachelor of Visual Communication from Billy Blue College of Design. I also have over 5 years of client experience doing all sorts of design.

I check my email multiple times a day so that is the best place to get in contact with me.

Alternatively, you can go onto the Northlight Design Co. Facebook page and send us a message.

When clients have something small and want to do it themselves, I actually send them to Canva. I am all for clients having a go at designing and I am always here if you need expert advice.

On the flip side, I am not a huge fan of sites like Fiverr; you will get what you pay for. I have had quite a few clients come to me after spending money on fiverr and getting nowhere with their project. Don’t waste your time or money and use a skilled designer such as myself.